Why "My Greenway Tours"?

Because we are an unusual company that promotes no plans for tourists but for visitors.

Why does our name begin with "My"?

Because we want you to say that the tour you chose is actually yours.

Why tailor-made tours?

Because each person (or group of people) is different and we can not generalize our programs, although our page has a basic tour exemple for those who do not want to waste time.

Why do we say that our guides are certified?

Because we are not restricted to tourist licenses that do not need specific requirements. In our case, our guides have a Government Certificate that confirms our qualifications.

Do we do regular training?

Yes, besides the specific training in the Mountain area, we do training regularly with external entities that guarantee the quality of the guides.

Why are we local guides?

Because despite living in Porto city, we know clearly the places where we work at. We do not memorize knowledge, it is a part of our personality.

Why do we have constant guides?

Because we are demanding in their choice, ensuring their pleasure at work.

Why do not we have more reviews on social networks?

Because we do not promote competition among our guides or annoy our visitors with that or negotiate prices for them. If it is your will, you will write it.

What if you do not want to spend a whole day with a tour?

We have the solution, proposing a 4×4 adventure tour for 4 hours, near Porto.

Do you know that we have a surprise for all our visitors?

It is true but you will only discover it on the day of the tour. We can guarantee that it will be pleasant.

Do you enjoy doing different activities during the visit to other countries or cities?

We have the solution for almost all the ideas. Just contact us and, if it is not a plan already provided, we need 72 hours to answer you. Just schedule your visit to Porto in advance.

How would I pay?

You can pay at the end of the tour, in cash, or in advance by bank transfer or Paypal.

What time will we be picked up?

You will be picked up at 8 a.m. at your accomodation, in Porto. If you are in another city, please contact us and we will plan it.

Is the picking up included in the service?

Yes, the picking up is included in the service if you are hosted in Porto. If you are staying in another city, please contact us to plan it.

What time do we get dropped off?

You get dropped off at 8 p.m. where you were picked up in the morning.