butterflyWhy us?

My Greenway Tours is a personal project of a mountain guide with over 20 years of experience and living in an environment that for many it’s just a tourist spot.

Thanks to the experience in travel and contact with other cultures, aware the needs of those who visit us to have contact with the habits of life, history, flora and fauna, information that can be found dispersed over the internet or in books, sometimes confusing and incomplete as well the need to feel integrated in spirit.

Only a nomad, specialized mountain guide and properly certificate can ensure your safety .



windmillMy Philosophy

People who don’t take risks generally make about two big mistakes a year. People who do take risks generally make about two big mistakes a year.

-Peter Druker-

Nature Turism



Safety first.


We’d like that our tours were the highlight of the visits to our country. We’d like, also, that you could share with your family and friends everything that you’ve experienced / lived here, in Portugal, in order to strongly advise us.




Our job is to afford safe activities and full of memories.

Portugal is on top of favourite destinations of tourism and are going to show you why.

This job isn’t only good for the traveler who chooses us but also for the villages we visit, because with our presence we are promoting the development of remote places that we want to keep preserved.

An experience for life!

Eduardo Mata - My Greenway Tours

Eduardo is natural from Porto city, but he knows Peneda Gerês National Park as his second home. With more than 20 years of life in nature, specially in mountains, in contact with all traditions of National Park, he has already took care of a herd of goats and has spent some nights with an alfa ox.

Trainner of survival skills, already have given formation to other guides from other companies and a 4×4 on his hands is like a toy considering his participation in 2 National Navigation Championship.

With him the tour is always a surprise…

Filipe, is our youngest guide, whose help is crucial to prepare the activities. He is trainned to save and rescue, integrating SAR Team.

Filipe’s strong will to learn and his love for the mountain make him our rookie with any kind of Sci-Fi.

Do not be fooled by his young spirit. He has a lion’s heart ready for any adventure, but he is always aware of the work he performs.

Filipe - My Greenway Tours
Celso Duarte

Celso, aka “wood worm” is a born explorer. With extensive experience in traveling to remote locations, far beyond anything that is tourism, does not fit at all in the ordinary mass tourism format.
Who better than him to feel what adventurers who choose us when they intend to get our tours?
His contact with nature have endowed him for bicycle crossings in countries as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Scotland, Norway and trekking in New Zealand, Tasmania and more.
For relax, he takes advantage of the air around us to go paragliding and, to complete, with him the photos can get close to authentic pieces of art.

Pedro, our health emergency man, is a rescuer of Portuguese Red Cross and Emergency Tecnical of INEM, since 2009.

Cheerful and a very open spirit, he is always available for a laid back conversation. Experienced biker with several trips in autonomy for Europe, he combines the skills of a pure traveler.

Pedro loves to hike and is obviously passionate about the Peneda Gerês National Park.

As some say: The amazing guide.

Pedro - My Greenway Tours

Gabel, is an economist, but her passion for nature, about the world, adventure, and discovery of each nation and every culture, the “secrets” and wonders that each country has, made her change the numbers for adventure and travels! That passion made her travel around about 80 countries in the various “corners” of the globe, always dreaming of new destinations and experiences! Her passion for travel and adventure began in Portugal, her home country, that fascinates her by the variety, cultural and natural sceneries, its people, traditions, food, and so on! Not satisfied with “mass destinations” she loves to explore in Portugal the most beautiful and hidden corners and secrets: Mountains, traditional villages, waterfalls and idyllic lagoons, … She has more than 10 years’ experience, as Local guide showing the secrets of hidden Portugal. Adventure leader in Portugal, last years also accepted the challenge and become a leader trips, taking groups to South America, Asia and Europe.

All this guides can show you special spots that any other company can show or even imagine. We don’t know the National Park, this is our home.